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On this page, I am showcasing lessons, assessments, communication, and other projects I have completed. Some examples have been modified for display on a public site. External resources are cited where necessary.



Virtual Science Camp

During the summer of 2020, I created a virtual summer camp for my school. I designed, shot, and edited all of the videos. Then, the students used Seesaw to share how their experiments worked at home. Click here to access a Google Doc that was sent to camp families and access all video links on Vimeo.


Remote learning

During the 2020-2021 school year, my school had three planned weeks of remote instruction. Each day, I used the announcements tool in Seesaw to send a Google Doc to my students. The Google Doc allowed students to see the daily schedule on their Chromebook, access Zoom links for different teachers, and check what work had to be completed. The Google Doc had color coded instructions to support independent learning. It also allowed parents to see what their students were up to and allow for changes to be made in real time through out the day.

I used the same template to send the daily schedule to students in quarantine or remote learning throughout the year.

The picture is of my teacher plan book, showing how I would structure remote learning around our typical school schedule. Click here to see a sample of a daily schedule I would send for remote learners. 



Lessons and Assessments

Click here to view Google Slides presentations I have created. Some presentations have been modified for student confidentiality. Assessments are included in the lessons. Some are formative, such as when students would write a short paragraph after a particular reading. I would assess the students on what details were or were not included in their writing. Students would complete summative assessments at the end of units of study. Often, the summative assessments were project based and were assessed using a rubric. 


Some presentations have external YouTube links. Pictures taken by Caroline Head unless noted.

Click here to see an example of two weeks of lesson plans submitted to my principal. 

I also planned, produced, and edited several videos to supplement classroom resources. During the plant unit, I made videos for Traits and Adaptations


A Children's Play of the Stations of the Cross

In April 2020, I directed the school production of A Children's Play of the Stations of the Cross (written by Mrs. Heather Cleaver). It was broadcast on the parish YouTube channel and can be viewed here.

I have previously co-directed A Children's Play of the Stations of the Cross, as well as A Children's Play of Our Lady of Guadalupe (also written by Mrs. Heather Cleaver), during the 2013-2018 school years with Mrs. Heather Cleaver.

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